67 Harbour Esplanade,
Burnett Heads,
Queensland, Australia
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Dredging & Marina Construction

A development application has already been approved for a 318 berth state of the art marina, with our harbour dredging well underway with dredging partners East Coast Maritime.

As part of this dredging campaign we had to research and understand our harbour geology together with the seabed bathymetry, this included a vast array of dense core sampling and acoustic sub bottom seafloor profiling surveys much like an ultrasound.

The Burnett area is dominated by hard geologies such as mixed volcanics and sedimentary rock including mafites and felsites, granitoids and arenites, we have also found more porous geologies, such as sedimentary rock, basalt, alluvium, colluvium and ferricrete in our region. Fragments of lava are clearly noted, created from a volcanic eruption some 900,000 years ago.  Pahoehoe lava is also found in sections of our harbour and is caused by partially consolidated lava on the top of a flow being dragged along by liquid lava beneath, most basalt rock formations within our dredge area are fractured and are now successfully being removed.

Removal of this hard fractured basalt material is conducted with a 50 ton excavator utilising a rock pick and bucket with sacrificial teeth, the equipment as expected does fracture at times and is repaired by welding or replacement of the rock teeth.

Our north facing harbour provides for a safe entry and mooring for vessels up to 32metres with the ability to accommodate single hull and  multi hull vessels. The Gateway will also offer marina services including  24 hour fuel, complimentary wifi, concierge services, ships chandlery and more. Installation of marina berths are scheduled for the first half of 2024.

Watch our dredging and land based works here. 

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